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Monday, 14 April 2014

Tawa Blog Series 2

I have taken some photos with what I've done today but I can't put them on because I have had to reinstall my software on my PC.

I drew a proper deck plate on paper then transferred it onto a piece of card, put some tabs on it then cut it out. I also started to cut out and Sellotape some ribs for the boat shape. I will need to find either thicker card or some polystyrene to glue on so that there's something for the skin to stick to.

I did mash all of the plasticine together into a giant brown lump, then re modelled the airship. It meant that I had more of an idea what the hull will look like. I am hoping to use the model of the Tawa for this cover then also as part of a larger diorama for AOT.

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