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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Car broke down

Today my car broke down in Haxby (it's only just gone through its test!) My son and I pushed it into this little old lady's drive and went to see her to explain what had happened. I had to go to the local library (which was not open) to use their wireless connection to text my wife on Facebook.

My brother in law came later on to pick it up on his low loader.

So I looked at the next problem with Aurora, how to explain the little green man that came out of the cigar shaped object. I'm still thinking about that and how to fit it in with the worldview based on what is happening on Thera.

Thera, sounds a bit like someone with a lisp saying 'Sarah'!


  1. It’s sad that your car broke down just after testing it. So, what was the problem? There are some reasons why a car breaks down, be it brand new or secondhand. If there's no visible leaks or clunky sound, then it might've been something about the battery, or faulty electrical wiring.

    Nannette Henriquez

  2. My son was with me who is training to be a mechanic. It turned out to be the distributor which could have gone at any time. He knew it was getting no spark but had no tools to test it. We got a second hand one for £35 and he fixed it :)

    1. It’s nice to know that your son is training to be a mechanic. At least, you were able to fix the car as soon as possible. Well, I do hope you won’t face another car mishap like that anymore. Or, I hope your son is always with you if ever your car breaks again. Haha! Take care! :)

      Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru