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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tawa Blog Series 1

Somebody asked me a few weeks back to maybe do a blog about how I design my book covers.
So I thought today, seeing as I need a cover for The Tawa, I would do a blog series.
I took a couple of pictures in Starbucks, Monk's Cross.(As you can see from the top picture.)

A couple of months ago I decided to plan what the Tawa looked like, mainly so that I could describe it when writing. I drew a plan of what it looked like from the side and above. This meant I could visualise where everyone was on the ship. I also planned where the crew quarters would be.
Today I bought plasticine from the £1 shop and started modelling the base of the airship. It looks similar to the drawing.
I am planning to model it and take another photo to see what the final one might look like.

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