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Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I cut the card out for the cover, cut the envelope for it as well then glued it all together. Found out that the spine was too big (it seems as though The Sun Thief is thinner than The Crying Pennant!) So I had to take a little bit off each edge of the spine and make sure I didn't cut through to the giant envelope I used to cover it. Used wood glue to glue the back page to the back cover, but I am not happy with the result, it looks too bumpy. So I used Pritt to stick the front page to the front cover, that also looks a bit bumpy, but we'll see what it looks like after I get it out from underneath my wife's music books.

Today's joke is:

The founder of the ODEON cinema died the other day. His funeral will be at 2.30, 6.45 and 8.00 PM!

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