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Saturday, 3 August 2013


This is what I've typed in so far today.

"Aww, this is stupid," moaned Sid the dwarf from The Crying Pennant.
"I know," agreed King Arthur, battle chieftain of the Britons, "it's been done before."
"Fighting Fantasy books."
"Earlier, Tunnels and Trolls."
"Earlier than that, 'Choose Your Own Path' adventures. The Author used to read them when he was 11!"
"Come on you two," I admonished them, "get started on this adventure."

So, mysteriously, both Sid and Arthur...

"Hang on Author," interrupted Sid before I could continue, "are we both going to be in this, what did you call it, Fanting Fightasy book?"
"Yes, why not?"
"Well, because won't the reader/player be able to empathise more with one character? You know, you say something like, 'As you walk down the passage an axe falls on your head and you die."
"Don't remind me of one of my first D&D arguments," shook headed I. I thought for a bit, "Well I want you two in it so what do I do?"
"We could be in the party and the reader could join us!" thought Arthur.
"Ok, we'll see how that goes."

So, again, mysteriously, both Sid and Arthur were transported to a green lacquered, metal studded, warped and flea bitten oak door. The reader also appeared there whom I will now describe as you!
"Hello you," greeted Sid the dwarf.
"Er, hello dwarf," you said.
"Sid the dwarf," said Sid, "but don't keep saying 'Sid the dwarf' because that gets a little annoying. Just call me Sid."

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