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Monday, 24 June 2013

Steampunk Test

On Sunday I started on the test for my steampunk goggles. Marked the cat tin with a black felt tip. Cut into it with a knife then around the top line with scissors. I then trimmed it closer then bent it over with pliers. The tin seems safe enough, it won't cut flesh. Probably need to adapt my pliers so they are smoother and have slightly curved head. Bought a foam ring shooting pistol from the pound shop and will probably use the handle and the body as the start of the steampunk pistol. Will need to paint the handle wood coloured.

Today I typed/read in 1,300 words of TST. Also got my Word 97 package working properly which was better when I came to format the stuff I had done on Dragonspeech 7.

Today's joke is:

"Doctor, Doctor! I keep thinking I'm a duck."

"Good, you won't mind if I give you an enormous bill then!"

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