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Monday, 10 June 2013

Interview with the Author

The Author sits down at his PC and begins to type.
"Hello Author," says Arthur, king of the Britons.
"Hello," says the Author.
"I would like to welcome you to this interview hosted by me..."
"And me," interjected Sid the dwarf.
"You do a lot of interjecting Sid," said Arthur, "can you not do a bit of interrupting instead?"
"If you want me to," interrupted Sid.
"You didn't really interrupt there Sid," said I.
"No, it was after Arthur had finished talking. It could have been a thought Sid or a said Sid."
"I don't like said Sid, it makes me sound as though I'm saying my name twice."
"Anyway," continued Arthur, "I wanted to ask you about how you started to interact with us those many years ago."
"You mean 1996?"
"Is it that long ago?" mused Sid, "No wonder me bones are startin' te ache."
"I had joined a writer's circle and wrote a short piece of comedy to read there. They laughed so much I decided to carry on writing it."
"But I existed long before then," Arthur said in a distinctly slow and melodious way.
"So did I," said Sid, "at least 300 years before."
"But did you Sid?" inquired I.
"What do you mean?" wondered Sid.
"As far as I can remember you were a spelling mistake."
"B...b..." bubbed Sid.
"That is right Sid," agreed Arthur, "you were a spelling mistake."
"Well you are..."
"Uh hum," I interrupted, "don't give anything away Sid. I still have 2 books to write after The Detective One."
"Aww, yere allys spoilin' ma fun."
"Mmm," carried on Arthur, "so why did you leave us in space for 15 years?"
"I couldn't get a publisher. It was only with the advent of the Kindle and self publishing on a cheap scale that you could again be brought to life."
"We were already alive."
"Ok then, brought to the attention of the public."
"You wrote two books last year and, so far this year, you have written 5. Why is that?"
"The discipline of writing 500 to 1,000 words a day for Flash Fiction has kept me being productive."
"So can we expect to see The Detective One out before Christmas?"
"Maybe, it depends how funny you are."
"Me? I am extremely funny."
"He thinks he is," laughed Sid.

"Well Author I am terminating the interview for now," said Arthur, "because I do not like the way it is going."

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  1. I love that Sid! Great personality!!! Keep up the great work Stephen!!!