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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Twenty Four

Floating. He was floating. Where was he, could he remember? He had been sent on a mission, a mission to look into the plans of the fallen ones. With 23 others he was to stop those now doomed to destruction, those who had defiled themselves with the flesh of man by taking human wives. This was Satan’s attempt to redress the balance for when he fell and took only one third of the angels with him. Half angel hybrids would redress the balance. The twenty four had been sent to stop the experiments on humans but they had fallen into a trap. Hundreds of the fallen ones were waiting for them and had beaten them into unconsciousness. So now he floated in a vat of liquid and he felt that his glory had left him. It was the slime he bobbed up and down in, a vile evil liquid that had robbed him of his eternal power. What did they want? surely not to turn him against God? He would never do it that is why he had been chosen in the first place. Raising his head slightly from the liquid he saw that the others he had come with were also in vats in a giant cavern somewhere on an asteroid in the Sol system. 

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