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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Accidents will happen

As I was crossing a corner this morning, I had just got to the opposite side of the road and this older fellow in a van cut the corner and looked at my dirtily. HE CUTS THE CORNER AND LOOKS AT ME, WHO ISN'T EVEN ON HIS SIDE OF THE ROAD!!! It reminded me of a time an elderly fellow looked at my son and me when we were on a cycle path and he thought we were on the normal path because he obviously didn't know he was on a cyclepath!

But all of that is small fry compared to the fact that while I was sitting in the car today parked outside one of my wife's pupils an elderly woman in a car knocked my wing mirror and knocked the mirror out of it. She didn't stop, well not because she had hit my car. But she did stop, down the road to buy a newspaper (and cut a bus off on the opposite side of the road.) I took her number plate and encountered her. She gave me her name and telephone number.

It is usually our other wing mirror that gets hit, at least 3 times this year so far. Why don't people stop? Surely they know they have had a knock of some kind? And it's older people doing it who should know better.

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