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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Jack Higgins

I went to the White Rose shopping precinct in Leeds today. At Costa I saw a man looking at an iPad 2 so I told him about my e books. He said his uncle wrote books, war books. I asked him what his uncle's name was and he said "Jack Higgins."
I said I had heard of him, he said he had written 'The Eagle has Landed' etc..
I got a cup of coffee and did a bit of writing for about an hour then two older ladies sat down in front of me. I started a conversation and told them I wrote e books. One of them said her husband used to be a teacher who worked with somebody who used to write books under a pseudonym.
Guess who?
Jack Higgins!!!

P.S. while my wife was at her brothers garage, only a week after the previous event, she looked on the floor and found a book by itself. My brother-in-law usually only reads car mags. Guess what it was?
The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins!!!

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