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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Chapter 11

Managed to finish chapter 10 yesterday and started on chapter 11. Did about another 1,000 words today of chapter 11. Just need to fit a few more jokes in. Saw somebody yesterday who went to Weightwatchers with me. Told her my Arthur clone joke from the second book and she didn't laugh. However I told my Mother and Father-in-law my Crying Pennant one liners that I put out on Twitter and they both laughed at some of them! So I'll repeat them here:-

The Crying Pennant
A man who weeps while he' s repenting = The Crying Penance
A sad half ant/half writing implement = The Crying Pen Ant
Penn sobbing without Teller but a new man = The Crying Penn and?
Town in Cornwall known for its sobbing trees = The Crying Penzance
A sad little man overly concerned with being formal and precise = The Crying Pedant

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