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Friday, 27 February 2015

The Batman, the Mechanic and the Cook

And now we see the small camp near the edge of the Tyreen ursad, where the East Anglian Bombardiers and Grenadiers have their base. Well, we don’t see it, I am describing it to you. A few huts scattered around a parade ground. So far there are 13 people we know about and this story is about the ones that haven’t been in a story before.

"We need some baked beans," moaned Cook the cook as she stared at the empty space on the shelves.
Popping his head round the door was Bateman the batman, "Everything alright dear?"
"What do you want," she said grumpily, her hands on her hips.
"His Lordship sent me for a cup of coffee. You got any?"
"I suppose I could knock up a cup. If you're waiting around you can do something for me." she looked at him with a look that made him think he'd better comply.
"What do you want dear?"
"I need some beans from town, can you go for me?"
"I'll have to get permission, and some kind of transport."
"Go and ask Mick the mechanic, he's got a steamo."

So after she had made some coffee, and it was served, Bateman went to see the Australian mechanic.
In the hangar Bateman could hear banging and crashing coming from the workshop there. “Mick?” he called.
From beneath a steamo came a muffled voice, “What?”
“Can you take me into town for some baked beans?”
“I don’t know, can I?”
“Can, get it. A can of beans.”
Mick slid out from beneath the steamo, “Now I don’t want any of that malarkey if I have to take you into town.” He stood up and wiped his oily hands on an old rag, “So you got permission then?”
“I only needed to ask Dr Googly, everyone else is on a secret mission.”
“Where’s that then?”
“Andacia, the Tower of Tarrelo.”
“That’s not a very secret mission if you know where they’ve gone.”
“I’m not supposed to know really, I was just helping the Colonel get into his uniform and he was chatting to the Colour Sergeant through the door.”
“What colour was the Sergeant?”
“Pink I think?”
“Hrumph,” hrumphed Mick. “You’re not very funny are you? Let’s get a coffee first and then I’ll take you into town.

So they all went to see Cook for a coffee.

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