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Friday, 6 February 2015

English Civil War

So it's got to #FlashFriday and I haven't written anything. That's great for my plans of writing something every Friday. I walked to the games club tonight and it wasn't on. so I walked back home again, then was taken for a coffee at Waitrose. I suppose I could have done some writing there but instead I started to read up on the English Civil War. I might have to help a friend out later in the year for a tour, so I thought I'd make a start. Learned the dates, 1642 to 1651. Also that the English thought the Irish and the Scottish were barbarians. I suppose this might be good research for any book I may write in the future. I wonder where my Irish ancestors were in the 1640s? If you believe the heraldic shops then in a castle somewhere but probably in an Irish bog though, cutting peat. (Not cutting Pete, who happens to be an Irish friend of mine :) )

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