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Saturday, 28 June 2014


I went to the St. Nicholas Fields junk swap today. I got some stardust! One of the things given away was some stardust from the Chinga SRC 13 meteor. I found it in a small box full of random stuff. I also got 4 books on writing, one of them was about writing novels from the early 80's. As I was skimming through I read that, even then, the man's advice was to practice and take years learning the craft. That most people who wrote their first novel would produce a terrible one, just occasionally one would be brilliant. It seems that that advice is still true today, with anyone able to publish their attempts on the Kindle.

Today's joke is:

I'll try to make one up now. First of all I need a pun, a word that sounds the same or similar to another word, maybe it is the same word but has two meanings.


Meaning is something you be to someone you hating!

(My son didn't get it, even when I explained it to him!)

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