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Monday, 23 June 2014

I'd better be good

So today is the day when Jaime Conrad, , is doing her blog tour. I will be doing mine next Monday. Therefore I have been mentioned on her blog so that all my fan(s) can read about me a little.

I regularly Tweet Jaime and her first book, Lake Caerwych, a time travel adventure in Wales. Now I have read somewhere that Wales comes from the Anglo Saxon word for stranger. Also, William Wallace. The Wallace part means that his family originated in Wales.

So I hope that Jaime's blog tour goes well and you all read it, and that the same happens on Monday for mine and then again the week after for my invited author Cindy Hanson.

What I have written should be funny enough and so you shouldn't need a joke. But if you do go to Google and type in Puns one liners...

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