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Monday, 21 October 2013

Yorkshire Marathon

I don't blog on a Sunday.

This Sunday I went on the Yorkshire marathon. NOT by choice.

I had decided to go to the car boot sale to buy a couple of screwdrivers and an awl. Because they seemed to be closing our street off I decided to go the back way to Murton. Just near Tranby Avenue they also started closing all of the roads off. So I had to go back down to Tang Hall Lane and then down the main road to Murton. I could not park where I usually did because the road was closed off. The car boot sale was dead but I did manage to get a slightly bigger better posidrive.

Then, the journey back. By the time I got back to Tang Hall Lane they had also blocked it off. I decided to get a bit closer by going back down Hull Road and trying to get down Heslington Road. Na na! Bad idea, that was where the finish of the Yorkshire Marathon was. So, I parked my car in Heslington village and walked towards the University. Na na. Another problem, they were re-directing people away from the main road where the marathon was ending. I had to walk around on the university pathways. Every time I tried to join the main road I was blocked.

So I got home. The marathon went on for hours and when I did go back for the car I still had to go through a checkpoint at 7.30. The guard said that the cones would be blocking the road off until 10.00 pm.

So, it seems as though I did the Yorkshire Maraton yesterday. Some in the car and some by foot.

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