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Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Yesterday I typed in 390 words of SAASA and put most of it on Wattpad. I also wrote nearly 200 words of chapter 4. Then I proof read it, collated it with a sample of Romancing the Drone and put it on Amazon. It should be free tomorrow for five days.

Today I wrote about 100 words of planning for TVC at Relish in town on my coffee break. I also put up one panel of the greenhouse roof with the help of my son.

I also read a joke in the charity shop today, I'll see if I can remember it:

A father walks in with a chocolate bar and his three children see it and start to say, "Me, me, me!"
The father then tells them, "Whoever does not answer mother back and does whatever she asks will have this chocolate bar."
Then three little voices said, "OK Dad, it's yours."

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