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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Novikov Compensator

Finished the 7th part of the Time War and published it on Smashwords. More people are reading it hooray!

Studied time travel theories on Wikipedia and have come up with the reason people take paradox pills is that they are a Novikov compensator. (In Time Cop people who meet themselves melt into each other if they touch, paradox pills stop the same people melting into each other, they are kept safe.) But they should have other properties as well like helping not to cause major paradoxes that a) destroy time and b) cause the destruction of the universe. Paradox pills also allow multiple travels in time to the same destination, (and allow multiple personas to exist in the same timeline if the 2nd/3rd etc creation continues to take them.)

Need to come up with the Time Code booklet for IDPP's.

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