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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Funny things

Two funny things have I seen today. One is an old dog, tied to a metal beam who looked like he was saying, "I can take you any time I want, I just don't feel like it right now." And the other was when I poured the cat biscuits into the cat bowl. Three of our cats stuck their heads in, before I was finished, and a pile of cat biscuits landed on their close together heads and stayed there.

Smashwords had to upload 1090 documents before mine yesterday. What is it going to be today? 2000? The Time War part 2 is now on and I have mentioned Patrick, my friend's tooth fairy disguised as a gnome. (Except that Myxlbat is a gnome pretending to be a fairy!)

And it rained on the way back from the bread shop. So I am typing in a damp T-shirt.

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