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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Charity shop :(

I went into a charity shop in the middle of York yesterday and found a good game that I wanted, Axis and Allies. It was only £4.99 and so I took it to the counter. I said I would like to put a deposit on it of £1. They said there was no need as they would save it for me for a day. I said I would be in tomorrow.

So today I went back, at about 4.10 pm. They had put it back on the shelf and sold it!!! I wish I had been more forceful now and made them put the £1 deposit on it. So that hurt me.

Because I did so much other work I have only written 20 words of SAASA today. However, while my wife was in Morrisons, I did come up with the first joke for the Sid and Arthur comic strip! :)

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