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Monday, 4 November 2013

York University Nano

I wrote 600 words before breakfast today. I try to do a chunk so that I can relax while I eat. Met the four ladies at the York university Nano today. It was nice to chat and do a bit of writing as well. I managed 400 words. Took today's total to 1,900 tonight. I'm trying to do a little extra each day so that I can have Sunday off, we'll see.

A sample of the action:

Upon hearing a creak in the steps a gunman on the first floor checked it out. Anil shot at him with his service revolver. The man ducked back into the room he was firing from. Looking at Lizzie Paul pursed his lips, he didn't want her harmed.
The Indian guardsman shot at the door frame to keep the man inside. From his vantage point Paul could see the man’s leg and shot at it. This brought the man down crying in pain, “Coultan!”
Lizzie sent him to sleep with a shot from her stun pistol.
They all got to the landing but the commotion had alerted a second gunman on the next floor up to their position. He was waiting for them as they rounded the corner to the second lot of stairs and shot at Anil wounding him in the leg. Both Lizzie and Paul fired back.
The man called to another, “Su blat coumo.” As he did Lizzie saw the barrel of his rifle. She shot at it and a bolt of electricity discharged into it. The man dropped the weapon but took shelter behind a desk.
Quickly Paul nipped into the room and held his pistol on the man. He kicked the man’s rifle into the hallway then looked out of the door to see if he could see the other man. A round hit the lintel above his head and so he took shelter behind the wall. He saw Lizzie trying to staunch the wound on Anil’s leg, but Anil was looking to his position. Anil made hand movements to tell Paul that he would shoot at the man so that Paul could reposition himself. Anil could not see the man but placed a few shots into the stairs above his head where he guessed the man’s position might be. The man let out a small groan, splinters from the stairs had embedded themselves into his left leg. Rolling out onto the floor of the hallway Paul lined up his pistol. As the man peeped over the banister Paul shot him in the head. The man slumped to the floor dropping his rifle in the process.

My misheard quote of the day, "You spell possum with 2 S's," said I.

(She actually wanted to know how bosom was spelled!)

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