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Friday, 27 September 2013

"I could have won but..."

I managed to write 4 pages of planning for TVC at Leeds Uni while waiting for my wife and drinking a coffee. Also thought of some ideas on the way home and made sure I wrote them down.

After I delivered my magazines I walked through to the board games club. Played Monty Python Flux, the copy I bought on Wednesday. Things were as usual, I could have won but...

It has been noticed that after nearly every game I play I say, 'I could have won but...' Except on this occasion it was funny. I drew and played two cards I needed to win. I only had to play the objective I had in my hand to win. The next turn I only had to draw one card, and if it wasn't a creeper (a bad card in Flux that can stop you winning) then I would have won.

The fellow next to me, who was quite amazed at what appeared to be the quickest game he had played and whose turn it was said, "I think I'll play this card, it doesn't mean much, seeing as you've already won..."

The card was something like, "If you sing a Monty Python song on your go, pick up an extra card."

I attempted three Monty Python songs and didn't really sing enough of them on my turn. Then I remembered, "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK..." which I had watched on Youtube yesterday.

Yes, he pandered to my ego. What a fool I was. I picked up the first card, which was fine because it was an action card I didn't need to play. However the second card (which I wouldn't have had to pick up if I hadn't sung anything) was a Creeper card. I had to play it straight away because it says so, which stopped me winning the game. I also had to pick up another card because I had played the Creeper card. It was another Creeper card. So I was doubly stopped from winning because of the Creeper cards, my ego and big mouth :)

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