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Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy Burp Day!

Managed to finish typing in The Goblin Nippers, it is over 7,000 words long. finished writing Gob Goes Golfing, did 1,000 words today (did a little planning for it in the Chaplaincy Centre at Leeds University.) Finished the final 500 words at Morrisons in York at my sons Burp Day meal, while looking after grandbaby. Just Goblins V Yetis to write. that is only at 250 words. I am planning the Only When I Arth promotion to start at the beginning of December. Have developed the first 7 jokey Tweets. Might go to the Nanowrimo tomorrow and do a little of Sid and Arthur Come into Reality. I have done 12,000 words so far, we'll see.

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