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Monday, 17 October 2011

Sittin' in a coffee shop (thinking what to write)

I wrote about another 800 words of Ground Hog war and finished chapter 12 (which is extremely long) and will probably need to write another chapter to finish the story, so started that. Wrote a bit more to Krunk the barbarian last night and will probably put that on for a #writerswednesday. Managed to type all of chapter 11 in on Friday and most of chapter 12 that I had written on Saturday. Over 11,000 words typed in about 14,000 to go. At the minute it looks like a true time travel jaunt with characters appearing for no reason caused by me typing part chapters in. I wonder how many people I would confuse by selling it as it is, typos and all?

Had bigger problems with the car. Found out we have a water leak from the back of the engine. Let's hope the mechanic can fix it tomorrow. So bus time until he does.

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